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The Cash Compound exists to teach you how to become your own bank, how to finance everything you buy, and how to keep compounding interest working for you at all times. We want to help you understand—what we were never taught growing up—how to keep money safe and growing, without ever locking it up, giving away control, or taking on any risk.

Jonah Dew


I currently live in Greenville, SC. I've been married to my wife since 2016 and we have three children. My Bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration from South University and I have used that in banking and Insurance sales.

My first introduction to the Infinite Banking Concept was in February of 2016 and I was immediately attracted to the ability to keep wealth within my family, keep control of my money, and to become my own banker. One of my core values is that God has given us many blessings, and we are to be good stewards of any wealth he allows us to obtain. I believe that many simply just don't know this process is available and I’m excited to help spread the word. Everyone deserves to know how their cash can compound, and how that can benefit their family, and future generations to come. I’m excited to partner with you to map out exactly how this system can benefit you. I'm extremely excited to show you a clear path to making your financial worries a thing of the past.

Jeremiah Dew


After graduating from college with a communication degree in 2006, I went on a debt-reduction spree. I realized that achieving my goals and dreams weren’t possible with student loans and consumer debts. Financial gurus and authors had me wrapped around their finger and I was the most dedicated follower you could find.

After stepping away from my day job to pursue entrepreneurship, I ran into another hurdle in 2013, starting a family! I love my wife and four children more than anything! But, my point is: I hadn’t figured out a system to keep any of the money I was earning as my expenses rose higher and higher.

In 2015, a business partner briefed me on “something about fractional banking where guys are earning 40% on their money!” Well, I was in for whatever that was! Eventually, I was introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept (which tripled my net worth within two-and-a-half years)!

The style of the presentation I saw, and the Googling I did on the subject, was mucho confusing though. In 2019 I decided I needed to do something about it. So, after a handful of contracts, and a growing portfolio, my younger brother Jonah and I decided to build an educational platform that would help break down the concepts so that others could understand how high-cash-value Whole Life Insurance could be used as a private banking system. We now teach, train, and speak at live events across the country to make sure our talents double before the Master returns (Matthew 25: 14–30).

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